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The Hoban Society

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The Hoban Society was established on Nov. 1, 2009 in memory of Mother Mary Benignus Hoban, RSM, co-founder and first President of Holy Angels, to honor those individuals who have remembered Holy Angels with a planned gift.

A Donor Wall for The Hoban Society, located in the front lobby of our Morrow Center, proudly recognizes those who have made their intent known. All new members will be recognized with a nameplate that will be added to the Donor Wall.

Holy Angels is deeply grateful to the members of The Hoban Society for remembering the initial prayerful work of the Sisters of Mercy to establish a home of unconditional love and unlimited possibilities for those who have intellectual developmental disabilities, many of whom are very medically fragile. We invite you to leave your legacy to ensure the future of Holy Angels, for today and tomorrow.

Learn why other members of The Hoban Society support Holy Angels. Check out their Donor Stories.

A list of The Hoban Society members follows:

Ms. Jane Allen
Ms. Dorothy G. Amato
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Anderson
Mrs. Jean Antonelli
Mrs. Helen L. Aures
Mrs. Ann P. Babcock
Mr. Theodore P. Babiak
Mrs. Rachel M. Baecke
Mr. Matthew J. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bare
Mrs. Gladys M. Beard
Mr. W. B. Beaver, Sr.
Mr. J. Eugene Blackwelder
Ms. Pearle P. Blevins
Ms. Janice H. Booth
Mr. Gary Borchardt
Mr. Charles D. Bushnell
Mr. Darwin Byrum
Mrs. Lois H. Cain
Mrs. Mildred B. Callahan
Mrs. Kay D. Campbell
Mrs. Margaret Canavan
Miss Nella D. Cannon
Mr. John Carney
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Carton
Mrs. Carol A. Castellano
Mr. William T. Christman
Mrs. Virginia Clemmer
Dr. and Mrs. Romulo E. Colindres, M.D.
Mr. John P. Collins
Ms. Madeleine Condra
Mr. William H. Convey
Ms. Margot A. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Costantino
Mr. Michael Costello
Mr. James Crates
Mrs. Mary M. Crews
Mrs. Margaret Cromlish
Mr. Kevin P. Crosby
Mr. William S. Crowley
Mr. Alam E. Culmann
Ms. Virginia Dellinger
Mrs. Mary T. DePiante
Mrs. Dorothy Despres
Mr. Helmut Deussen
Mrs. Evelyn Toffoli Dew
Ms. Mary A. Dougherty
Mr. Paul P. Dunford
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Eades
Miss R. Nathalee Eaker
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Eichorn
Mr. Thomas H. Elsey
Ms. Olive M. Falls
Mrs. Elsa G. Fater
Miss Dorothy Fecile
Dr. Charles Feezor
Mrs. Leo F. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Flowers
Ms. Agnes G. Foley
Mrs. Rose Forrest
Ms. Theresa F. Frick
Mrs. Lila Garrett
Mrs. Jean R. Giannini
Mr. Natale F. Giannini
Mrs. Muriel E. Goldsmith
Mrs. Rebecca H. Gordon
Ms. Helen Gorman
Ms. Novelle L. Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Griffin
Mrs. Elizabeth Grose
Mr. Hugh E. Gunthorpe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hadaway, III
Mrs. Margaret D. Hall
Mr. William H. Hamburger
Miss Florine D. Hanley
Mr. Terrell P. Harris
Ms. Assunta M. Hartman
Mrs. Elizabeth Haubenreiser
Mrs. Daisy Lee Smith Helms
Dr. Docia Hickey and Mr. Fred Miller
Mr. Howard J. Hinkle
Mr. Donald Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hurr
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Jelnicky
Mr. Roy Jennier
Mr. James Johnston
Mrs. Reba W. Johnston
Mrs. Celia Jolley
Mr. Benjamin F. Knott
Mr. James Kopel
Rev. Msgr. Anthony Kovacic
Ms. Anna C. Kramer
Mrs. Phoebe F. Kronjaeger
Ms. Katherene E. Kruckel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff P. Kubacki
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kuhlman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurz
Mrs. Elizabeth Lawless
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Lee
Mrs. Lynn Leonard
Mr. Henry J. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson M. Lewith
Mr. Robert J. Lubbe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Maguire
Ms. Jenny Malatesta
Mr. James Maloney
Mrs. Cecilia A. Mandelowski
Mr. Donald J. Mangold
Mr. and Mrs. William Manning
Mrs. Grace Marney
Ms. Rose Marsh
Mr. James J. Martin
Ms. Nellie P. Martin
Mrs. Regina L. Martin
Mrs. Eunice C. Mast
Mrs. Marion J. Masters
Ms. May H. Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. R. William McCanless
Mr. Edward H. McCann
Mr. Francis J. McCarren
Mrs. William J. McClenahan
Miss Evelyn E. McCorkle
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. McDonough
Mr. John P. McHugh
Mrs. Mildred M. McLellan
Ms. Jeanne D. Medler
Ms. Faye Meek
Mr. James C. Mills
Ms. Mary Marie Mitchell
Ms. Mary Kathryn Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Moody, Jr.
Ms. Alma W. Mooney
Mrs. Eltis Clark Morton
Ms. Sophie A. Moskal
Mrs. Mildred Nassif
Mrs. Helen E. Nichol
Mrs. Eileen Nichols
Col. and Mrs. Erickson Nichols
Mr. Warren Overton
Ms. Rebecca Padgett
Mrs. Barbara Perriello
Ms. Blanche C. Perry
Ms. Rita E. Pitt
Mrs. Mabel M. Plunkett
Mr. Weldon E. Preddy
Mrs. Louisa P. Presler
Ms. Ann E. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Price
Ms. Oreta Ramseur
Ms. Lois C. Rawlins
Dr. Anna J. Reardon
Mr. Martin Redmond
Ms. Lynne Reyburn
Mrs. Irene Rhynehart
Ms. Agnes M. Rogers
Mr. George C. Rosch
Miss R. Corson Rose
Mr. Alphonse Rosetti
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ross
Ms. Eva G. Russo
Ms. Josephine G. Rutkay
Ms. Rose M. Ryan
Mrs. Willa Ryan
Mrs. Phyllis W. Sarvis
Mr. Bromley B. Schuett
Mr. John T. Semivan, Jr.
Mr. Richard Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shelly
Mrs. Alice M. Sisson
Ms. Therese M. Skeby